Racial Disparities and Impact on Public Health within Black Communities in D.C


This infographic offers a comprehensive analysis of disparities in economic, housing and health outcomes among Black residents in Washington, D.C. It underscores the view that health and well-being are shaped not only by health outcomes but by the environment we live in, the systems we navigate, and the experiences we encounter. The data illuminates profound disparities in health, housing opportunities, and economic stability, disproportionately affecting Black residents.

For example, when we look at the economic data, we find that even despite a sizable working-age population (~43%), Black DC residents confront significant unemployment challenges, linked to lower educational attainment rates and also experience higher poverty rates among families than their white counterparts. A common theme across other categories.

The infographic also highlights the need  for adopting a holistic approach to addressing these disparities. This means acknowledging and dismantling the systemic barriers that exist within the social determinants of health, as we collectively strive to create a more fair and just community.

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