What is
Human-Centered Design?

An approach to giving feedback, and co-creation, based on the human experience.

What is Design Thinking?

A form of thinking that centers on learning about a community’s unmet needs and developing a creative solution to solve them. This often results in a prototype.

Our Design Thinking Process

Gather facts and get to know about what stakeholders do, say, think, and feel.
Combine the gathered facts, analyze user’s unmet needs and begin to highlight opportunities for innovation.
Brainstorm creative ideas that address the unmet stakeholder needs.
Transform ideas into a physical form to allow experience and interaction with them and, in the process, learn and develop more empathy.
Observe and gather feedback to refine prototypes, learn more about the user, and innovate the original ideas.
Put the vision into effect. Ensure that the solution is put into action and affects the lives of the intended stakeholder.