Our approach to racial equity centers those most impacted by poverty. We seek to deeply understand who is most affected by poverty and why. We ask people what they need rather than making assumptions about them or blaming them for being poor.

In co-creating policies and solutions with them, we address the root causes of poverty and strategically shift power to communities by centering 5 pillars:






Expressions of Our REI work

Operationalizing Racial Equity

Developing and delivering trusted curricula and trainings to help professionals and teams to strengthen their knowledge and skills for operationalizing racial equity in the workplace.

Equity in Human-Centered Design

Helping teams uncover and utilize equitable design thinking processes through ideation sprints that result in actionable solutions.

Resource Development

Producing high-quality, practical tools and resources for changing narratives on racism and shifting power to underserved communities.


Supporting organizations to sustain their work beyond ideation through learning, equitable data systems, program evaluation, strategic planning, staff growth and development.

Our Work in Action

“We engaged them [Medici Road] as facilitators for an Innovation Lab that supported the design of a new community development model that addresses the homelessness crisis in Kansas City, KS. Working with them was seamless as they exceeded our expectations in delivering an impactful session that led to the development of 6 viable initiatives, which will be used to inform the strategy of a new community development corporation.”
-DeWayne W. Bright Sr., FUSE Corps Executive Fellow, Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, KS

Medici Road can strengthen your racial equity work today and in the future. We have been putting racial equity in the forefront of our organization’s initiatives since 2016.

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    15+ years of REI experience

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    Black-owned and BIPOC-led

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    REI, data, and strategy in one stop

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    Modern work culture where we’ve worked virtually for 4 years out in our 7 years of existence