Our Mission:

To reduce poverty by creating education, housing, and public health solutions that uproot systemic racial inequities.

Our Vision:

To create equitable communities and drive economic development for low-income residents in urban cities.

Our Values:


The Story Behind the Name

The Medici in Medici Road comes from the famous Medici family – the Italian family instrumental in the artistic and cultural rebirth of the European Renaissance. Specifically, they were the first to fund art, expanding its availability to all households – not just the rich. The family’s influence also produced many famous Popes, queens, and artists. Finally, they also created financial tools that are still in use 500 years later.

At Medici Road, we also believe that equity is important in all households. Our hope is that the racial equity tools, programs, and products we create seeks to help eliminate poverty and still be around in the future to help others eliminate racism.

We believe that our work here at Medici Road will help influence minds from various organizations and communities. In turn, as they grow in their careers, so will our approach to racial equity.


    Founded as a think “and create” tank that would do policy and innovation under the same roof


    • Launched mortgage calculator as our 1st product
    • Executed evaluation contracts with the states of Rhode Island and Kentucky

    • Launched RR Ventures to be our for-profit development arm in the DMV
    • Completed two single-family home developments and purchased the 1st condo conversion project

    • Launched the Summer Fellow program with American and Georgetown universities
    • Hiring 1st full-time Executive Director and Policy Analyst

    • Purchased our first lot of land, the future home of Deanwood Station
    • Published our first research paper on evaluating D.C.’s gun violence prevention program

    • Won 1st major grant award
    • Launched The MasterClass which trained DC residents on becoming managers in the hospitality industry

    • Groundbreaking on Deanwood Station, a grocery store and 26-unit affordable for-sale condo project targeted at the workforce.
    • Launched our Operationalizing Racial Equity curriculum

Why Does Racial Equity Matter?

A multitude of factors go into poverty, and in urban areas, the underlying ill for nearly every one of those factors is racism. This discrimination and purposeful failure to care for all affects every aspect of one’s life – and, by proxy, their community at large.

Looking at the wheel:

  • Starting with inadequate housing and poor education in childhood leads to a lack of career and workforce opportunities. It’s hard to concentrate on school if you have an unstable home life.
  • This lack of opportunity directly affects a person (and their family’s) access to healthcare, often leading to untreated and chronic illnesses.
  • Being chronically ill and unable to work or reach your potential leads to community disconnection and inactivity.
  • A disconnected and inactive collective in the community leads to spikes in crime that often goes unchecked (or checked in dangerous ways) in urban communities.
  • Crime and disconnected community members has a direct effect on housing, starting the cycle all over again.

The Communities We Serve

There are two main audiences we focus on to create the programs and policies to bring stability and equity to
the communities we serve.

Urban Communities Across the United States

Local Government Leaders

Medici Road’s Solution

Medici Road provides long-term solutions that connect the four main sectors where racism stands in the way of thriving communities: Education, Housing, Public Health, and Racial Equity.

Our distinct, intentional approach leverages community co-creation, data analysis, and human-centered design to create tangible solutions.

Four Service Centers

We engage four main service sectors, creating social impact through research, evaluation, products,
program design, and policy development.

Access our helpful resources and content.

Access our helpful resources and content.