Racial Disparities in Job Outcomes in Washington D.C


In a recent deep-dive into job distribution data, clear disparities emerge between Black and White individuals. For instance, in the “Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance” sector, Black individuals are over-represented by a significant margin, with 7,747 individuals compared to only 1,138 White individuals. Conversely, in fields like “Legal” and “Management”, White representation considerably exceeds that of Black individuals, with differences of 18,397 and 29,553 respectively.
Furthermore, when examining percentage differences, certain occupations highlight pronounced disparities in representation. For example, in the “Business” sector, the difference in representation percentages might be significant, even if the absolute numbers are close.
These findings underscore the need for a comprehensive examination of employment patterns and the factors driving such disparities. Addressing these imbalances is crucial for building a more inclusive and equitable workforce, ensuring that opportunities are evenly distributed regardless of race.

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