Migration Trends Among Black DC Residents


In our most recent study, we have discovered an increasing trend of black D.C residents moving out of the District. As we investigated this, we wondered where they were moving to thereby birthing our findings in this infographic. While data is not available yet to state why they are moving away, with other comparative data showing the rising cost of living in D.C versus places like Baltimore, we might be able to infer that this is a possible factor.

A comparative analysis of Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland by Numbeo shows that rent in the District is 40% higher than in Baltimore. Also, consumer prices are at least 12% lower in Baltimore than in D.C while local purchasing power is 20% higher in former than the latter. 
The migration of black people, especially long-standing residents speaks to the racial inequities prevalent in the District as many more people are displaced for a myriad of reasons. At Medici Road, we are already delving into the question of combatting displacement and wealth-building for Black community members. Nonetheless, we invite you to use this data as you contribute your quota to addressing the displacement and migration of Black residents from Washington D.C.

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